The trivanti ...

... safe, reliable and robust.

Smart can ...

... be hygienic.

Smart can ...

... be practical and cosy.

Smart can ...

... be smart and comfortable.


The trivanti e-scooter – unique advantages!

Are you ready for the future? From the moment we zoom away from it all, we feel like we have achieved a victory. Experience acceleration, manoeuvrability and freedom with the trivanti e-scooter - propelled by an environmentally friendly, powerful electric motor. The trivanti e-scooter is not only powerful and practical, it is also officially licensed for use on public roads in Switzerland and is TÜV type tested for the EU region.

The trivanti e-scooter

The trivanti e-scooter is not only fun to drive, it's also handy and useful in your everyday life. Whether in companies, on camp sites, in hospitals or in tourism. Getting from A to B has never been so simple and efficient. Professional e-mobility that convinces.

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